23 April 2006

My main current activities

My main activities at present include the following

Olswang LLP

Founded in 1981, Olswang LLP has grown rapidly and is now a respected force in intellectual property, media and communications circles. The firm is known for its bright, imaginative approach to IP problem-solving and for its enthusiasm for a challenge. My appointment as Intellectual Property Consultant from 1 June 2007 provides me with an ideal opportunity to pursue my interests in IP at all levels, from the theoretical to the purely practical. With effect from 1 May 2010 I now work on special projects only, so that I can enjoy more time with my family.

From January 2007 till March 2011 I was a Research Director, Intellectual Property Institute, London, with particular responsibility for Innovation. Now I am an Honorary Research Fellow. I am a member of the IPI Council and participate actively in its many projects.

I have previously worked together with Florian Leverve on a research project on the surgical and medical exceptions to patentability under the European Patent Convention; this project was completed in the autumn of 2007. I also supervised research by Dr Roya Ghafele on perceptions of IP as a brand. This research, which you can download here, led to the submission of a report in March 2008 that is being used for ongoing discussion by marketing experts. During 2009-2010 I was a member of the IPI team which conducted research into the cost implications of intellectual property litigation on small and medium-sized enterprises. You can download the results of this research here.

The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice

The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice ("JIPLP") is published monthly by Oxford University Press - a leading intellectual property law publisher and one of the oldest publishing houses in the world. JIPLP, which carries peer-reviewed articles, current intelligence notes and reviews, is accessible to subscribers both in hard copy format and online; it has a searchable archive too.

I am proud to have been invited to be JIPLP's founder editor and I am committed to its aim of providing first-rate, intellectually rigorous but accessible comment and analysis of issues arising from the practice of intellectual property law and the exploitation of IP rights. With the support of a strong team of Editorial Panellists I look forward to delivering the publisher's objectives and invite contact from prospective authors.

Information for prospective contributors here; subscription details here; receive a sample issue here; contents of current issue here. Visit the jiplp weblog here.

European Trade Mark Reports

I have edited the Sweet & Maxwell series of European Trade Mark Reports (ETMR) since its inception in 1996. This series, originally issued bimonthly, is now published monthly and furnishes full-text English-language coverage of trade mark litigation and office decisions drawn from the European Court of Justice, the Court of First Instance of the European Communities, the EFTA Court, OHIM, national courts and national trade mark registries.

The ETMR is unusual among law reports in that each issue comes with a succinct editorial, highlighting one or more of the legal topics covered in it. The main contents of each issue are summarised most months on the MARQUES Class 46 European trade mark law weblog.

If you have been involved in any interesting European trade mark litigation or office action and think that it merits reportage in the ETMR, please contact me and let me know.

The IPKat weblog

The IPKat intellectual property weblog is the longest-established European intellectual property blog. Founded in June 2003, it is composed by a team of seven human bloggers, of whom I am one, and a cat. The IPKat regularly receives over 50,000 casual visitors a month; in addition, it has an email circular list of over 5,500 practitioners, IP owners, academics, students and enthusiasts from all around the world and is also read by well over 2,700 RSS users.

The IPKat features news and comment on recent cases, legal and commercial developments, books, periodical publications - and lots more too. The weblog has also campaigned vigorously for swifter and more complete access to English-language versions of European Court of Justice, Court of First Instance and OHIM decisions.

In 2005 the IPKat was listed as one of the 50 most influential people in IP worldwide by Managing Intellectual Property magazine (the first time a fictional character has ever achieved a listing); the same honour was conferred in 2011. A Wikipedia entry for the IPKat may be found here.


Founded in the 1980s to address the needs of European trade mark proprietors, MARQUES is a thriving international organisation that encompasses some of the world's leading trade mark owners. A member of one of its Project Teams, I was privileged to assist MARQUES in the development of the highly popular Class 46 European trade mark law weblog.